HELP Makes More Donations

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This has been a good week for HELP Murcia Mar Menor and an even better week for the charities Caritas Torre Pacheco and A.M.M.A. as HELP has been able to make donations from funds raised during 2015 to both organisations to enable them to carry on their good works.

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HELP the poor of La Puebla

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Once again it is a pleasure to write that HELP Murcia Mar Menor has been able to make a contribution to Caritas, La Puebla which will enable them to support the poor and needy of the village. The village of La Puebla has 800 inhabitants of which 140 (42 families) are in dire need of help. HELP´S President Pat Massingham along with Janneke Chambers a long time member of HELP and resident of La Puebla met on Thursday 28th April with Chari Gomez the President of the local branch of Caritas to hand over a cheque for €2000, the first of six donations by HELP to various charities in the Murcia area of money raised by the charity during 2015.

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Hospital Gets Help

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Help Murcia Mar Menor is proud to present it´s hospital visiting team. Our dedicated volunteers visit the University Hospital Los Arcos Del Mar Menor throughout the year on a twice weekly rota basis, to chat with English speaking patients of any nationality. Besides offering a friendly face in a sometimes frightening situation, they are able to provide a wide range of aid and support.

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Working in the office of Help Murcia Mar Menor


If you ask any of the volunteers who work in the office of HELP Murcia Mar Menor what they do they would probably find it quite difficult to give an easy answer. This is not because they don´t know what they are doing, on the contrary they are very good at what they do. It is more that every day is different, our aim is to help people with any problems they may have and these can be many and varied.

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